Microsoft Is Killing Internet Explorer After 25 Years

Internet Explorer is being disabled after a final update in June, Microsoft has confirmed.

Internet Explorer’s popularity has waned in recent years, as other browsers have left it in the dust. Microsoft’s own Edge browser has pretty much replaced it, and so Internet Explorer will no longer be updated after a final update.

The final update will be released on June 15th. A Windows update will be sent to PCs after that, disabling use of the browser and removing it from people’s devices. Now, people will be redirected to Microsoft Edge instead.

We're just not compatible any more: why Microsoft finally dumped Internet  Explorer- Technology News, Firstpost
Credit: Microsoft

The End Of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge now comes as the default option on new Windows devices. Internet Explorer has basically been rendered obsolete, but other old Windows features will still be up and running.

These include Internet Explorer mode in Edge itself, as well as various applications. You can see a full list here on

Internet Explorer has been going for 25 solid years, and in that time it has always been a staple of Windows. While many replaced it with another browser, it was the standard option for Microsoft until Edge came along in 2020.

Now, Edge is apparently one of the most liked browsers on the market. Quite a turn around from the old days of Internet Explorer’s security issues!

What browser are you using? What do you think of Internet Explorer being disabled for good? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft