Metro Redux Review

This generation is undeniably the time for remastered games. Since the release its release the PS4 has been rife with remastered games. Recently we have received remasters of so many games such as Tomb RaiderThe Last of Us Remastered, The Resident Evil Remake Remastered,and  GTA V.

Today I will be expressing my thoughts on Metro Last Light and Metro 2033 Redux.

For those of you who have never played or heard of the Metro series here is a quick catch up, Metro was once a book would you believe it. It had a huge influence on the game and pushed the story in the right direction.

Not long after this best seller was published 4A studios took this series under their wing however after a few moths of development they let it go. The responsibility then fell to deep silver who proceeded to create a masterpiece that was bought by thousands.

Now to the game.

The first noticeable thing is the play style whilst in the original games there was definitely a survival horror vibe. In the original games you would play in first person straight away limiting you vision. Then there is the classic horror game mechanic of limiting your ammo and drastically reducing how far you can see.

However the redux version harbors a different option. When you buy the game you get an option to play Survival Mode which is centered around the 2033 gameplay in which you would have to rumage around various different areas for that one bullet that could save your life.

On the on the other hand is the spartan mode this is much more focused on killing and going crazy. The best part of this is that it melds the action from Last Light with 2033 to create the ultimate game. All of this together brings us an amazing remaster of a game and is a true classic.