Medal of Honor: Warfighter almost as a real war

Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been recognized as the world’s most realistic first-person shooter after critics universally agreed that the game was almost as shit as real life warfare. (Pardon our language)

Released in North America on October 23, players of the latest installment in the Medal of Honor franchise have reportedly already started to experience many of the symptoms commonly associated with active duty, including depression, sorrow, feelings of hopelessness, irritability and an overwhelming sense that they’ve been well and truly fucked over.

Speaking to The Daily Pixel, 19-year-old Matthew Johnson of Millville Massachusetts said: “I normally play games like Call of Duty or Battlefield and never really think about the realities of war because I’m having too much fun. But since picking up Medal of Honor: Warfighter I’ve begun to realize just how terrible it must be.

He continued: “Since starting the single player campaign earlier this week I’ve found myself having constant nightmares and flashbacks about the broken interface, the shitty graphics, ( Pardon our language) AI teammates that keep pushing me into the line of fire, the generic and unambitious plot… God, I feel like I’m losing my mind.

  1. “I’ve tried talking to my girlfriend, I’ve tried explaining just how fucking terrible this goddamn game is, but she doesn’t understand. No one understands.” (Pardon our language)