Medal fo Honor War-Fighter-more detailed description

Medal of Honor War-Fighter is a first person shooter game which is being developed by Danger Close Games and will be published by EA. The game is going to be released on 23 October 2012. It is the 14th installment in the Medal of Honor franchise, and the direct sequel to Medal of Honor 2012 series.

I have high hopes for this game because it will run on Frostbite 2 engine which delivers destructive environments, high quality audio and stunning 3D graphics. Remember that this is the same engine which was used for battlefield 3.

The story starts off with where the last Medal of Honor left with Preacher returning in a pivotal role. The game’s creative director, Richard Farrelly, stated that the game will offer a peak into the personal lives of these Tier 1 operative including how their job affects their families. While it is yet to be seen how this unfolds but it looks very promising. Bringing in an emotional perspective into the action warfare brings in a sense of empathy and that tends to work quite well with the audiences as one saw in Hurt Locker.