Major Nelson feels great about the strong release of the PS4 and Xbox One

As the release of the Ps4 and the Xbox One came closer supporters of the consoles began to become rivals as the gaming industries saw it as an opportunity to benefit itself and the consumer. The Xbox Live Director Programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hybb gracefully happens too be one of them.

The Ps4 outsold the Xbox One in the first twenty four hours selling 1,000,000 units plus while the Xbox One sold 909,132 units in November.

Major Nelson, a humble Xbox One programmer saw something more than just numbers, he thought about the consumers, stating on NeoGaf that he cared about the gaming industry having two solid consoles to choose from.

He went on and said ” I was the first to congratulate them (Sony) on their launch last month. ” Major Nelson ” recognized that both platforms are off to a good start ” , he also responded to an impolite comment saying ,

“So while I may not agree with the colorful metaphor you use above, I do care that the industry has two healthy platforms for consumers to choose from.”

It’s good to hear feedback from console executives expressing how they feel about what happens in the gaming industry , mainly what happens to the consumer. What do you think ?