‘Leaked’ Avengers 4 Images Show Off Thanos’ New Weapon

Avengers 4 might still be a while away but that hasn’t stopped Marvel fans going into a frenzy over some never-before-seen Avengers images that recently leaked on Reddit.

Now, they’re not 100% confirmed to be legit, but they look pretty real so we’d be pretty surprised if they turned out to be fake.

The images, which also include some concept art, appeared on Twitter from user @jonathantong6, who posted the pics with the caption: “Hope I don’t get fired #avengers4”

The pixelated images have left fans crying out for more, with one Twitter user begging to see the pics in all their glory…

Now, although it’s pretty hard to see, it looks like we’ve got here Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel along with what’s believed to be the Ronin suit.


What’s most exciting is the Thanos preview, which appears to show him handling…swords?!

The pictures are still online, leading some to believe they either aren’t real, or that Disney is happy to have them out there in the world. Not that they can be stopped now!

What do you think of the supposed leak – real or fake? Are you excited for Avengers 4?