League Of Legends New Champion Renata Makes Enemies Fight Each Other

The latest champion in League of Legends, Renata Glasc, has been revealed. And one of her abilities forces enemies to fight each other to the death.

Not long after the new champion Zeri, we’ve got yet another Zaunite champion in Renata Glasc. She has quite a unique design, as she’s an enchanter who relies more on manipulating enemies rather than healing allies.

It seems Riot is continuing to focus on new characters that could be a part of Arcane in the future. Renata definitely looks like she would fit right in with that storyline. You can see her in action in the video below.

YouTube video

What Are Her Abilities?

Her passive is Leverage, and it applies a mark that allies can detonate to deal extra damage. Her Q, Handshake, roots enemies, but Renata can throw them in a specific direction too. And her E is Loyalty Program, which fires chemtech rockets that shield allies and damage enemies.

Meanwhile her W is perhaps the most interesting (and worrying) ability in her kit. It’s called Bailout, and it gives buffs and revives allies if they die while the ability is on them. They come back with full health for 3 seconds but start to burn, and if they get a kill in that time the burn stops.

And her ultimate is Hostile Takeover. This chemical cloud causes enemies to go berserk, targeting each other with basic attacks and giving them an attack speed buff. So if you use it on a strong ADC, they might just shred through their own team.

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games