The Last Borderlands 2 DLC Announced Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax

Fans of the Borderlands series has one final DLC heading their way. The DLC is titled Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax and will be released this April 15th for Borderlands 2. This is another Headhunter DLC for Borderlands 2 where players will find themselves on an abandoned island resort. Your mission is simple, all you need to do is locate Sir Hammerlock. Since his kidnapping, Vault Hunters will have to track new types of varkid and even take on a brand new raid boss.

Borderlands 2 plays out very much the same as it’s predecessor. Players will have the ability to choose several different weapon types, select different unique skills between classes through their characters skill tree as they battle through hordes of different enemies. Slanted towards gamers who plan on playing with friends, Borderlands 2 was first released on September 18, 2012.

As mentioned before, Boraderlands 2 DLC Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax will be heading out this April 15th and it will only run you about $2.99. Though if you haven’t played Borderlands 2 and lack a PS Vita then the recently announced Borderlands 2 Vita bundle may be a tempting purchase. Releasing in the United States, the new PS Vita bundle will include the brand new PS Vita Slim and Borderlands 2 along with the entire DLC package.