Killzone 5 leaked by leading Dutch newspaper

Guerrilla Games has just released Horizon: Zero Dawn recent, which has quickly become its most critically acclaimed game to date. However, a report (via, PSU) has emerged that its team has already begun working on Killzone 5, the next game in the popular Killzone franchise.

A Dutch based publication called, which is one of the leading Tabloids in the country, recently ran a report which disclosed that the studio was hard at work on a new Killzone game already.

The report primarily covered the topic of the closure of Guerrilla Game’s Cambridge Studio but mentioned specifically that the studio was currently developing a new Killzone videogame.


Killzone 5 in development?

A rough translation about the specific mention of a new Killzone game amounts to this –

Guerrilla, where 270 people work, was acquired in 2005 by Sony. Now it is working on a new Killzone.


Although this should be treated as a rumor for now, but it’s unlikely such a popular Dutch publication would make a wild guess unless they had some credible source to back their claims. It is to be noted that Guerrilla Games is based in Amsterdam, which is in Netherlands as well.

Another twist in the tale comes in the form of a Reddit post, which was unceremoniously removed with no explanations offered. The article was posted on r/PS4 titled “Sony announced a new Killzone and nobody knows about it” but it was removed within an hour of publication.


Now this might be because a moderator thought the story had no substance or perhaps some higher force was at play here? Who didn’t want this news to gain focus, especially when Horizon: Zero Dawn’s release was looming large.

Fraghero cannot independently verify if the game is in development but we’ll be the first to report in case any new leads or information emerge.