#killallzombies Coming To The PS4

#killallzombies, a third person shooter developed and published by Beatsharpers, is coming to the PS4; and yes, the actual title of the game is in fact a hashtag. The game is set in the future where killing zombies has become a sport. Players are tasked to survive zombies hordes that could potential reach 1,000 zombies.

Social interactivity will be a prominent feature in this game. When a game is live streamed on twitch, it allows views to not just watch, but to participate.

There are three ways that spectators can affect the game for the broadcaster according to Sony:

  1. Every 80 seconds, viewers have a choice of two encounter options available to vote on, including encounter spawns, various arena events, timed bonuses, and perks.
  2. The perk select screen has its own voting mechanic in which if the player decides to wait and select the spectator’s most voted perk, the player will be offered additional XP and Health.
  3. The chat commands are available throughout the broadcast as we are executing chat commands in real time, allowing the spectators to affect on a variety of imperative decisions that can significantly increase or decrease your chance of survival — such as increasing or decreasing your character’s speed or health, spawning more or less enemies, etc

Of course, the potential for abuse is there, so #killallzombies has cool down mechanics to reduce the negative effect that a player might endure.

More information for #killallzombies should be made available next week at GamesCom 2014.