Kickbeat PS4, Review

I used to have a list of games that I never wanted to play, just because they weren’t my cup of tea; for example Sims for instance; and now I have a game that tops them all. KickBeat. I promise you one thing, you do not want this game so you may as well stop reading now.

So what’s so bad about this Zen Studio’s new rhythm based game?
Well the general idea of the game is the major flaw, although unique it is utterly boring. Imagine there is a kung-fu fighter on the inside of the buttons X, Square, Circle and Triangle on your controller. That’s the screen, you have to fight of waves of enemies just by pressing  these four buttons whenever you are prompted to do so. You cannot change the move that your player uses, all that depends is if you move is successful or not. Basically if you’ve been to an arcade in reality, then you have already played this game. You know those dance machines with the arrows? Basically that’s this game, the dance machines with the arrows only without the exercise. Yeah, awful right?

It does have some snazzy songs though, from Marilyn Manson to Indie classics, although you could just put your Ipod on whilst playing a game that is worth your money. There are some good elements however, the large song selection and there are various game modes to enjoy; from survival which is pretty much horde and the classic story mode. Which well, it’s not exactly going to win any Oscars. If you somehow finish the story mode then you can do it again as another character; there’s only two though so don’t get you hopes too high.


So here’s the thing, for a game as limited as this you should not have to pay a dime. If you buy this game I promise you that you will feel cheated and yes slightly molested; although it’s a new concept it’s a pretty shoddy one.

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