How To Turn Off Ring Doorbell

One thing about the Ring Doorbell, that rings true no matter what, is that the Ring is on, often, the entire time it’s in use. The only time it tends to shut off is when the battery has completely drained, which only will only happen after several months.

However, you may need to turn off your Ring Doorbell to relocate it or even to charge it in your home. After a while, all of those notifications of moments in your own house can be quite annoying. In that case, you may be looking to figure out how to turn off a Ring Doorbell.

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How to Turn Off a Ring Doorbell
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How To Turn Off A Ring Doorbell

Older Ring doorbells have a removable battery to turn them off manually. Newer generations have a fixed battery, however, which means users would need to void their warranty to remove it. Instead, just reduce notifications by using “Motion Snooze”. You can also temporarily snooze notifications without editing the device settings.

However, Ring will still record and save videos to Event History thanks to the Ring Protect subscription. Users can also turn off “Motion Alerts” too in settings, although this will need to be turned on again manually if needed.

How to turn off Ring Doorbell
Credit: Ring

How To Turn Off Motion Notifications

Turning on Motion Snooze is pretty easy. Open the Ring app and select the hamburger menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard screen. Then select:

Devices > Motion Snooze > set the time you want to snooze the notification for > Save

If you are looking to completely deactivate Motion Snooze open the Ring app and select the same menu on the left and select:

Devices > Motion Snooze > Disable Motion Snooze

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