How To Connect AirPods – Every Device Covered

Trying to find out how to connect AirPods to your Bluetooth device? Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide for every device right here. Hooking up AirPods to a Bluetooth enabled device will allow users to take phone calls, listen to music and take advantage of some special features.

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How To Connect AirPods to iPhone

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This is the easiest AirPods sync up. Make sure AirPods are in the charging case and open the lid. This should prompt a connection pop up for AirPods on the iPhone screen. Just make sure both devices are next to each other.

How to Connect AirPods To A Mac

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If users already have their AirPods set up with their iPhone and registered against their Apple ID, AirPods may already work with a Mac with the same Apple ID being used. Before doing anything, make sure that the Mac in question is running the following:

  • macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later for AirPods 2nd Generation
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later for AirPods Pro
  • macOS Monterey or later for AirPods 3rd Generation

If AirPods aren’t present in the Bluetooth or volume control menu, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Apple Menu (That’s the small Apple Logo) and go for the Bluetooth Option.
  • Make sure both AirPods are in the charging case and open the lid.
  • Press and hold the sync/setup button at the back of the case until the status light blinks white.
  • Users will now see AirPods pop up in the Bluetooth device menu. Select them and click “Connect” to finish up.

Using AirPods With A Non-Apple Device

how to connect airpods
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Whilst it’s possible to learn how to connect AirPods to non-apple devices, users probably won’t be able to use any special features such as spatial audio and the like. However, they’ll function just like any other Bluetooth earbud and will receive some great quality audio.

Follow the below steps to get started:

  • On your device, make sure Bluetooth is turned on by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. This is the correct path for Android devices, but any Bluetooth device should have a similar menu path.
  • Make sure AirPods are in the charging case and open the lid.
  • Press and hold the setup/sync button on the back of the AirPods charging case until it flashes white. This flashing means AirPods are now discoverable on Bluetooth devices.
  • AirPods should now appear on the Bluetooth device list on a user’s chosen device. Tap them and go for the ‘Connect’ option to complete the process.

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