Hifumi Kouno Reveals Spiritual Successor to Clock Tower

Hifumi Kouno and his development company, Nude Maker, is producing a new horror video game franchise. For those who are unaware, Hifumi Kouno is the mastermind behind popular horror video game series Clock Tower and this next project is said to be a spiritual successor.

The unnamed game takes place on a cruise liner where passengers are left stranded in the middle of the ocean. Soon passengers and the ship’s crew slowly are killed off and you, just another passenger, are left to solve the murder mystery in hopes that you survive through the nights and save the innocent still alive.

There are a number of talented developers working on the project. Not only do we have Hifumi Kouno but creature designer from the Silent Hill franchise, Masahiro Ito. Also included is Takashi Shimizu who is the director of the Ju-on film franchise and it’s adaptation, The Grudge where he will be working as a creative producer and filming a live-action teaser for the game.

Codenamed Project Scissors, will be heading to the PlayStation Vita, Android and Ios.