Hello Games Shares New Details on No Man’s Sky

Through his plane trip back home from Gamescom, Sean Murray, Hello Games Managing Director, talked about some of his personal experiences with No Man’s Sky.

We already knew about how vast No Man’s Sky’s actually is, in fact it was reported that the game has over 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible planets to explore. Yeah, it’s pretty much endless vast universe at this point. Though Sean Murray shared some new details about the game and his experience exploring.

Players from all over the world will be landing on planets that no one has ever landed and explored before. Alien landscapes, new creatures, environments with hostiles to friendlies, there’s no way of knowing until you successfully landed your ship and take your first step on the planet. Sean Murray describes one of the planets he landed on.


My favourite moment so far from making No Man’s Sky happened a few months back. David was adding four-legged creatures to the game (he insists on calling them ungulates), Hazel was adding a weather system, and Ryan was adding collision to all the trees (which is really hard when you have a whole forest full of them). I hadn’t seen any of this, and I was flying around the universe, trying to take some screenshots. I neared the surface of a planet and suddenly it started to rain. As I was touching down I scared some deer who broke through the woods, dodging in and out of trees. Now this was jaw-dropping to me, because I’ve never seen any of these systems before, but also it felt like this was a real place I’d discovered. No one had been there before, and I didn’t know whether to shout excitedly, or just keep it to myself.

Apparently there will no be load times as well for No Man’s Sky. Each planet has a single number or random seed. This seed will define everything about the planet, from landscapes to creatures. Since the planets are completely computer-generated, there will be no load times and gamers can hop from planet to planet with the seed number wrote down.

Sean Murray also mentioned that No Man’s Sky will also feature trading, combat, different weapons and ships but hasn’t expressed in detail as to how these elements will work within the game.