Halo TV Show Reveals What Master Chief’s Butt Looks Like

The Halo TV show has answered an ancient and an age old question – what on earth does Master Chief’s butt look like?

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If you’ve ever pondered such question, then you’re in luck. Episode 2 of the Halo TV series on Paramount has given us a fully-nude shot of the Master Chief. As you can see in the image below, the ass looks extremely firm. It’s unclear whether or not we’ll be seeing the Warthog anytime soon, but we’ll be the first to report on it if we do.

Master Chief’s Butt Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Earlier in the show, Paramount made the decision to show the face of Master Chief under the helmet. As such, the Halo TV show received heavy criticism from fans who didn’t want to see the man beneath the mask. According to an interview with Variety, Steven Kane, Halo’s showrunner, stated that:

We didn’t look at the game. We didn’t talk about the game. We talked about the characters and the world. So I never felt limited by it being a game.”

Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill expanded on this, saying that:

Early on, we were thinking about doing something that could tie very closely with the game. What we were finding was, trying to verbatim stay with everything that’d come before wasn’t serving the medium. It also wasn’t serving the creative teams and their need to express a story and build the world through their eyes.”

The Blessed One Halo

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Featured Image Credit: Paramount