GTA Online Halloween Event Adds Slashers And Flaming Ghost Cars

This Halloween, Rockstar is making sure GTA Online players stay on their toes on the streets of Los Santos.

A new Halloween update has added some spooky new threats in the world of GTA Online. The first of which is the inclusion of “slashers”, NPCs that will stalk players in an attempt to kill them. Inspired by classic horror films like Friday the 13th, these slashers will strike when you least expect it and add some seasonal terror to the GTA gameplay we all know and love.

Flaming ghost cars are another addition, and this one’s a little more ridiculous. Sort of like the slashers, these cars will hunt you down and try to run you over. They’ll set the ground on fire wherever they go, so escaping from it might prove to be a challenge.

Halloween In Los Santos

If you manage to survive the slashers, you’ll be rewarded with a rare “twilight knife t-shirt”. The game’s Halloween game modes will have double XP too. These modes include Slasher, Come Out to Play, and Condemned. Also, the alien survival mode which will have double cash and RP for players who want to take part in some spooky sci-fi action.

All players can log in to the game this week to earn a free in-game t-shirt featuring the baseball bat from GTA 3. The remastered GTA trilogy was shown off recently, and we got our first look at the game’s visual style and gameplay. Take a look here.

Will you be watching out for these new threats in GTA online this Halloween? Let us know on social media!

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar