GTA 5: Epsilon Program Reveals Fate Of San Andreas’ Cris Formage

GTA 5’s key details – formats, release date, gameplay – are all still very much under wraps, but the first outlet for the game’s viral marketing is in full swing.

The Epsilonism Today Twitter feed has been dropping cryptic quotes since it was discovered last week, but now it may have dropped the first hint with regard to how GTA 5 will tie into previous GTA games.

Asked if the San Andreas character and Espilon Program founder Chris Formage is ‘still alive’, the feed responded:

“Cris is a thesis, not an antithesis, and as the literature explains, a true thesis exists equally in all paradigms,” then added “Hope that’s cleared that up.”

While it doesn’t confirm the presence of Cris Formage in GTA 5, it does seem to acknowledge the character in the wider GTA universe, which is significant – Rockstar has previously denied any crossover between the last-gen GTA games (GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas) with the current-gen titles, GTA 4 and the upcoming GTA 5.

If the Espilon Program exists in GTA 5, which this viral marketing seems to suggest, will Cris Formage still be credited as the cult’s founder?

Back in March last year when a casting call revealed some characters for a Take-Two project, among them was Brother Adam, described as a “Welsh monk / cult leader / yoga teacher”. Notes included “needs Welsh accent”.

Perhaps the Epsilon Program will exist with a new leader in GTA 5?

The Epsilonism Today feed isn’t all about cryptic clues – there’s some trademark GTA humour in there too.

“I am ready to follow blindly, for there is only one way – the epsilon program,” tweeted one devotee. “It’s not blindness,” reads the reply.” It’s the next great science, after biology and topiary.”