Gravity Rush Pre-Order Bonuses





Gravity Rush is a PlayStation Vita title action RPG featuring a girl who can defy gravity, and is the most anticipated Vita release of the year. After a successful release in Japan, Sony is now offering some pre-order bonuses to the West.

The additional content for Gravity Rush pre-orders include a military costume for the main character in addition to four extra missions. The four missions consist of two challenges and two quest missions to give you a few more reasons to run around gravity kicking your foes. Pre-orders are currently available on both Amazon and GameStop to claim your copy and get the added content at no extra cost.

Gravity Rush will release on June 12, 2012. A demo will be available on the European PlayStation Store May 30, 2012. Presumably, North America will receive the demo sometime between then and the release date, but nothing has been confirmed.


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