Grandma Mistakenly Prays To Statue of Online Videogame Character

A humorous but heartbreaking scene took place outside of an internet cafe in Shanghai. An elderly Chinese woman was seen on security camera bowing and burning incense in worship of a statue which she believed to be Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general who’s status was elevated to godlike after being immortalized by his service during the late Eastern Han dynasty.

Guany Yu league of legends
Depiction of Guan Yu

Apparently she didn’t realize that this was a gamers cafe, and the statue was actually depicting Garen, a character in the League of Legends video game series.┬áThe might of Demacia, Garen is a fighter in the game who’s a fearsome warlord in his own right. He also happens to bear a striking resemblance to the late Chinese general.

Garen League of legends statue
League of Legends

Many folks on the internet feel very bad for Granny, commenting with sentiments such as, “I feel really sorry for her, probably her family ran into some unexpected trouble, and she is looking for help,” and “As long as your beliefs are sincere, then the true god will help you.”

grandma prays to dynasty warriors 2

Let’s all hope Garen answered her prayers.
women prays to garen