Grand Theft Auto V: Brand new details revealed

New details about the gameplay of Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed by a Reddit user who attended the recent demonstration of the game held by Rockstar Games at Warsaw, Poland.

The gore level, reportedly, remains the same as GTA IV.

The Reddit user said in a statement,“GTA V has this magical thing called colors. It looked better than IV, definitely, but it wasn’t trailer-level. I’m quite sure I’ve noticed aliasing on more than one occasion.”

The weapon wheel will remain the same. Time slows dong when bringing up a weapon and a rocket shot can be seen to impact in slow- motion. However, the user also said,“They said it could change any minute – that is exactly the kind of things they are fiddling with right now, so keep in mind it could change before release.”

Another Reddit user provided a mock-up HUD. View it below.


The game was tried out at a PS3 debug unit and the gameplay and frame rate was smooth at 30 fps.

“The way that radar content is slightly 3D and rotates with you will make driving a little bit easier, it looked kind of weird with rectangular radar instead of circular, but by the end of the presentation it didn’t bother me, so I doubt it’ll be a big deal.”

The water was the best part of the game as the components of the ecosystem were affected by the actions of the player. There is also not much visible change in the shooting and Euphoria physics. Enemies take damage like they used to.

Like always, the next in the GTA series shows promise. An avid fan? Pre-order your copy now. Click on the link below.

The game is slated to release on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3.