Google Is Reportedly Working On A New Games Console

It looks as though Google is releasing a new games console, as well as a game streaming service.

The company has apparently been looking into this for a while, and the streaming service has a codename – ‘Yeti’ – while it’s in development, reports GamesRadar.

In terms of the new games console, it looks as though it’s coming under the ‘Made By Google’ umbrella.

The leaked info was unearthed by The Information with help from their sources.

According to said sources, the game streaming service will be subscription-funded as well as cloud-based. That means it will run an instance of the game on a Google-operated server and then transmit the data to your home console.

Obviously, this is different to Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass approach, which allows you to download in full any of the games on the service.

In terms of the console, ex-Xbox and PlayStation exec Phil Harrison was hired last month, which would fit in well with the narrative.

More follows…