Goldeneye 007 Could Be About To Make A Big Remake Return

A lot of signs are pointing towards a potential Goldeneye 007 remake which could be revealed soon.

Back in January this year, an Xbox achievement list for Goldeneye 007 randomly appeared. This list showed achievements which match up with the classic levels from the Goldeneye game on N64, but with new achievement pics.

Following that, comments from various journalists and gaming industry veterans suggested the game was coming soon. VGC editor Andy Robinson said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain super spy returns in the next few weeks.” This doesn’t mean much on its own, but VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb backed it up by saying he thinks the game is coming in the next couple weeks.


The first hint, however, came long before any of this. In October 2021, Nintendo Europe managed to un-ban the game in Germany, which seemed to suggest plans for the game were in motion.

Credit: Nintendo

What Should We Expect?

With all these bits of evidence together, it seems likely that we’ll be getting something Goldeneye 007 related soon. We don’t know how much of a remake the game will be, however. The leaked achievement pictures seem to show classic-looking visuals. That could suggest it’s more of a simple remaster.

If Goldeneye 007 does get remade or remastered, it would be the first time the game is officially available outside of the N64. Rare previously remastered it for the Xbox 360, but the game was never actually released.


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[Featured Image Credit: Nintendo]