GameChanging Will Put The PS4 Ahead Of The Game?



















We highly doubt Sony will go back to their old ways since the PS Vita is pushing towards cross-platform play since the PS Vita is being called a “GameChanger” and also pushes towards cross-platform play. The PlayStation 3 didn’t have things like Party Chat, custom soundtrack support, and multiple programs running simultaneously when it could have. We believe the PlayStation 4 will be much, much more than the PS3 and will be the number one console. As for the PS Vita, it could play a big role in being the next handheld that will bring the PS4 to new heights.

A very appealing notion is that Sony is pushing for its handheld and home console to play together. We were teased about the PSP having a lot of potential, so seeing this functionality presented on the PS Vita brings happiness in PlayStation gamers. Sony definitely needs to keep this coming. Sony should use whatever it takes to make it happen, and make it strong. Sony should use the biggest IPs in the industry to really make this a GameChanger.

Call of Duty could make the biggest impact on this feature because it’s applicable to make the PS3 and Vita versions play together. It would be awesome to have the ability to play with and against each other across both platforms. The Vita has easily replaced the PSP in terms of what consumers want. Having a second joystick on the Vita was a plus. That second joystick opens worlds that handhelds could never touch, especially the world of first-person shooters.

Cross-Platform Play could easily be forgotten like the Move functionality did if it is not advertised enough. Gamers always need a reason to keep themselves attached to the hardcore gaming industry. The Wii U seems to be attempting something around these lines. A handheld comparison to a home console is the kind of experience gaming consumers need in order for the home console to stay alive. There is still an argument that PC gaming is still alive after tablets and laptops have mobilized the computer experience, but it’s not a fair argument. PCs have the functionality of software manipulation that consoles can’t afford to have. PC games are applicable to a wide variety of PC specifications while consoles have one set of specs that can not be changed.

If you think about it,  it’s also an advantage since everyone with the console gets the same experience. The only thing that the home console is missing now, since a handheld now has access to the wireless cellular network, is the full accessibility of its content on the go. The cross-platform feature needs to be strengthened and emphasized in such a way that it can live through, and even past, the next generation of technology and social standard of entertainment.

The processor change for the rumored PS4 makes for a much more appealing development tool because it would grant developers more time to utilize the cross-platform and properly port the same game to the Vita. Having a more powerful but more simplistic successor to the PS3 would make the cross-platform-ability more functional and much easier. More content to consumers means more support and more money for Sony. PlayStation and Sony need to keep promoting, bettering, elongating the Cross-Platform Play feature, and give gamers the experience they want. This will not be impossible to do, but will take some work and time.