Bloodborne Dev’s New Game May Be Hinting That Bloodborne 2 Is Coming

Bloodborne is one of FromSoftware’s most famous games, adding something a little different into the mix for fans of the Dark Souls titles.

Although a Bloodborne sequel is something fans have been clamouring for, there’s been little to confirm that such a project is in the works…until now.

Credit: FromSoftware

In FromSoftware’s most recent game, VR title Déraciné, players have come across a certain Bloodborne Easter egg that’s gotten tongues wagging.

A YouTube video posted by the user Amazing Komaru shows off a doll in the new game that can perform the famous ‘Make Contact’ gesture from Bloodborne.

YouTube video

Accompanying the doll is a description that reads: “Fiona Doll: A doll of the stone girl Fiona, who appears in an unfinished tale.

“When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.”

The reference to an “unfinished tale” has fans believing that this is confirmation that Bloodborne 2 is coming, with one user commenting: “Unfinished tale…a doll that helps people to escape the dream..doing “make contact” gesture…BB2 confirmed!”

Credit: FromSoftware

Another added: “If this is not Bloodborne 2, it would be the worst prank ever! I don’t believe FromSoftware would do this to us.”

Excited fans also flocked to Twitter to discuss the potential news, speculating that this is the hint we’ve all been waiting for.

FromSoftware has yet to comment on the Easter egg and its potential meanings, but with its next game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice due in March next year, we imagine its got its hands full right now…

Credit: FromSoftware

What do you think about the Easter egg? A real clue, or wishful thinking?