First Images From The Monster Hunter Movie Have People Raging

“Hey, that was a great movie based on my favourite video game!” said no-one, ever, because video game movies tend to be a little…awful.

Credit: Capcom

Now don’t get me wrong, there are one or two out there that don’t completely cr*p on beloved franchises, but generally speaking, it’s pretty damn hard to get a video game movie correct.

However, Hollywood keeps trying, and its latest venture is the upcoming Monster Hunter live-action movie, starring Milla Jovovich. You know, the one from the Resident Evil movies that also sucked.

Credit: Capcom

Anyway, although fans were pretty hopeful for a Monster Hunter movie, the first images from the cast seemed to have dashed any and all hopes of a good movie ever happening.

Sharing a few on-set snaps to her Instagram, Jovovich has gotten a lot of hate from MH fans who aren’t impressed with the offerings, which shows a bunch of people in military garb, posing for what could be a war film. Or a Transformers film.

One Insta user commented: “I don’t get what’s so difficult about sticking to source material. Which Monster Hunter fan came up to ANY director and said ‘Hey you know what would be EPIC?! If MH had modern day military!’ This is a disaster and an insult to the franchise.”

Credit: Capcom

Another raged: “Why would you be a part of something that is clearly sh*tting on the source material?”

I guess we’ll just have to wait for more info on this one…

How do you think the Monster Hunter movie is shaping up?