Final Fantasy VII player reaches Level 99 in a way nobody thought was possible

CirclMastr, a Final Fantasy VII player, did something over the weekend that people didn’t even think was possible.

He got both Cloud and Barret to level 99 in the game. Now, you might be wondering if I’m making a joke here as it’s clear a lot of players have already done that. However, what if I told you he did it before encountering the game’s first boss battle? Yes, that’s exactly what he did.

It took him more than 500 hours to accomplish this insane task and he spent more than two years playing the game in order to complete it. He fought thousands of low-level random encounters to carry out his goal. The battles were fought on the catwalks of Midgar’s Sector 1 reactor.


Check out the video of his final stream where he gets both the characters to level 99. Check out his Twitch for some more grinding goodness here.

YouTube video