False Tweet Reveals Incorrect Borderlands 2 Release For PS Vita

Borderlands 2 fans and Vita owners have been let down as a false tweet by 2K Games shows off the launch date. There has been an urge of knowing just when we’ll get our hands on the Borderlands 2 title on the PS Vita but alas news of any upcoming announcement has been slim to none. Early this morning 2K Games has tweeted the launch release of Borderlands 2 for the Vita which was said to be March 18th 2014. However, that date has now been revealed to be completely false.

Borderlands 2 tweet

2K Games has apologized for the confusion but we’re now curious as to what the date was originally planned to be. Nevertheless, we can expect the Boarderlands 2 title for the PS Vita sometime this year which was the original announcement from Gamescom 2013. Apparently, there is also no news as to if the Boarderlands 2 title will be cross-buy meaning that if you purchased the title for the PlayStation 3 then the game will be unlocked free to download for the Vita or vice versa.

 Currently, Borderlands 2 has been a collaboration to make its way onto the Vita with 2K Games, Sony and Iron Galaxy Studios all pitching in to get the title running smoothly. We’re positive that the development team is bringing in new ideas on how the gameplay will play out with the different Vita’s features.  Once we hear more information on the Borderlands 2 Vita title we’ll keep you posted.