Fallout 76 Sales Down Over 80% Against Fallout 4

Bethesda’s latest title, Fallout 76, was one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2018, but it’s not impressed fans since it released.

The game, which has been branded by players as “offensive” and “buggy”, has let a lot of people down, with fans calling out Bethesda for releasing what’s being called an “unfinished” experience.

Credit: Bethesda

The official sales numbers for the title have just been announced, and if Bethesda wanted to disguise the game as a hit despite its reviews, it’s going to be pretty disappointed.

Fallout 76‘s launch week comes in at a whopping 82% fewer sales then its predecessor, Fallout 4. At least in physical sales.

Though we’re still waiting on numbers for digital sales, the game’s already fallen short on the UK sales charts, coming in behind the newly-released Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Credit: Bethesda

Over on Twitter, players have had a lot to say about their experiences with the online-only multiplayer title.

@Fallout Another example of a bad design,” tweeted one player.
“I just worked hard to clear out the Wendigo cave and only had the Wendigo left to kill when another player decided to come to the cave and you catered to their experience and ruined mine. So stupid #Fallout76 https://t.co/sRpozrkCK0

Another commented: “That has to suck.

“This is what happens when a game like Fallout tries something new and clearly doesn’t have their shit together.

“From what I’ve read, the game is buggy as hell and players have yet to encounter another because the map is so big.”

Credit: Bethesda

There are people out there who can’t fault their Fallout 76 experience, so maybe it’s not as big of a flop as it appears to be…

Will the digital sales reveal prove Bethesda right?

Credit: Bethesda