Fallout 76 Players Find Secret Room – Including All Items AND A Human NPC

Fallout 76 is never too far from controversy, and it seems the game is in the spotlight again after players discovered a secret developer room hidden in the game.

The room features plans for every single item in the game – even ones which are yet to be released – and a load of top-tier weapons.

Credit: Bethesda


Creepily enough, the room is also home to one human NPC who’s doing a pretty poor job of guarding the developer’s most secret of secrets.

The original video of the discovered room has since been deleted, but you can check out a reuploaded version below.

YouTube video

So what exactly has been found?

Cranbog over on Reddit explains the phenomenon in a little more detail, explaining developer rooms are “useful for QA to test various weapons/armor/etc. without necessarily having to go find all those items in the game. In the single player games, they were also useful for people who make mods to test things.”

Credit: Bethesda


Cranbog adds: “This setup allows QA to use the same sorts of techniques that players would be able to do in order to test things, versus spawning in items or testing them with code or console commands. I would argue that it’s also preferable to using codes/console commands (not sure if they exist in 76, but I doubt it) because you don’t want players in a multiplayer game having access to those.

“I’m not sure why the dev room is able to be accessed by players in the multiplayer game, though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.”

Over on Twitter people have branded the move as Bethesda taking the “lazy” option.

Credit: Bethesda


It’s now being reported that Bethesda is actively banning players who manage to get into the room.

Looks like another oopsie for Bethesda…

Featured image credit: Bethesda