Fallout 4 – There’s A Power Armor Underwater, Here’s How You Can Find It

Fallout 4 players have taken it upon themselves to explore the mysterious radiation-heavy ocean floor of the game. Although not much has been found under the oceans so far apart from a few pipes and immovable objects, a player might have stumbled upon something a bit more valuable.


There is a usable power armor under the ocean bed of Fallout 4 if you know where to look. We believe in not only informing but also assisting our fellow Wastelanders in attaining the items we mention. Hence, we’re going to tell you exactly how and where you can find it.

All you need to do is watch this short but informative video below and you can attain this power armor from under Fallout 4’s oceans.


You’ll also have a cool story to tell your friends who mocked you for spending too much time exploring the ocean bed and having little to show for it.