Fairy Fencer F Screenshots

New screenshots of Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG, Fairy Fencer F, has been released online which you can view down below.

Fairy Fencer F is an upcoming role-playing game from Compile Heart’s. Set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 3, the game will be releasing in Japan along with North America and Europe.

The story focuses on two deities, a goddess and an evil god. Both fought each other by creating new weapons that humans could use. Eventually, both the goddess and the evil god vanished but these weapons still managed to remain within the world.


These leftover weapons are called Furies and they are highly sought after. Those who happen to come across these furies are known as Fencers where two of these fencers, Fang and Tiara, get caught up in the conflict between the once vanished goddess and the evil god.

Fairy Fencer F is currently available in Japan but will be making it’s way to North America and Europe starting on September 16, 2014.