Every Studio Sony Owned is Working on PS4 Games

Sony owned twelve studios  that are currently working on new titles for the   PlayStation  4. Shuhei Yoshida,  President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios has ratified  that everyone of these studios are currently working on new project for the PS4 .

It is not a surprise that Sony’s studios are working on next-gen games. The second group of Naughty Dog’s  is working on a PlayStation 4 title. Gran Turismo 6 for the PS4 is being in development by Polyphony Digital, but not only that the Media Molecule is focusing on the upcoming Vita title Tearaway, and that Guerrilla Cambridge, Studio London, and Sony Santa.

Yoshida’s has affirmed that  Sony Bend is creating  a PlayStation 4 title. From what we have comprehend we already know about three Sony studios  PS4 games. Infamous: Second Son, also  Killzone: Shadow Fall , it’s being  developed by Guerrilla Games and finally, DriveClub , it’s the first PS4  racing title and it’s being developed by Evolution.