Every Batman actor ranked in order of sigma male energy

There are a lot of Batman movies, and with a lot of Batman movies comes a lot of Batman actors. But which Batman actor is the best best, and which is the worst? Let’s find out. Here’s every Batman actor ranked from worst to best.

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George Clooney Is Completely Forgiven For 'Batman & Robin', Says Joel  Schumacher
Credit: Warner Bros

George Clooney – Batman and Robin

It’s weird. George Clooney is an utterly fantastic actor, but he was given one of the worst scripts in any superhero movie ever – and it shows. Batman & Robin is the worst parts of the cheesiness of early Batman combined with bad characters and a dull plotline. It’s one of those films that you watch and wonder what the hell you just watched, yet can’t name a single element about later.

Val Kilmer Compares Playing Batman to Acting in a Soap Opera – The  Hollywood Reporter
Credit: Warner Bros

Val Kilmer – Batman Forever

Kilmer suffers from much the same issues as Clooney. While his portrayal of Batman is nowhere near as cheesy as Clooney’s, he’s just incredibly forgettable on a core level, and is absolutely nothing like Keaton was before him. There’s a reason Keaton is so well remembered and Kilmer isn’t.

Ben Affleck Reveals What It Felt Like To Learn Of Batman Casting Backlash
Credit: Warner Bros

Ben Affleck – Batman Vs Superman

I’m one of those people that doesn’t think Batman should kill. I’ve never been quiet about that, nor have I ever really thought he should. To me, a Batman who kills has absolutely no reason to even have a rogues gallery. Once Batman becomes a killer he just becomes the Punisher.

This wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me, however, Affleck’s performance is not engaging. Sadly, Affleck feels like an empty Batman – somebody only there to progress the story rather than have a personality or even be a character.

Adam West obituary | Batman | The Guardian
Credit: ABC

Adam West – Batman TV Show

Oh, hell yeah. Adam West is an embodiment of the era he was created in. The 60’s Batman personified. Sure, he’s cheesy as hell. So is every single element of the show! But it’s done in a way that feels genuine and makes for incredible levels of entertainment. I love everything about him, and dearly miss him.

Batman Set Photos Give Best Look Yet at Michael Keaton's New Batsuit | Den  of Geek
Credit: Warner Bros

Michael Keaton – Batman, Batman Returns

Michael Keaton is the reason Batman is still as popular on-screen as he is today, and he’s the reason that the interpretation of Batman in popular media is one that’s dark and gritty. While his Batman still has issues that dog the character to this day (his character kills without mercy, and is an edge lord through and through), his interpretation of the character is legendary for a reason. That reason is the acting prowess of Keaton.

Exclusive: Christian Bale Is In Talks To Return As Batman
Credit: Warner Bros

Christian Bale – The Dark Knight

Christian Bale. There’s not much to say about Christian Bale that hasn’t already been said, is there? He starred in not only the most beloved superhero movie, not only one of the most beloved Batman movies, but one of the most beloved movies of all time full stop. The Dark Knight trilogy is a brilliant testament to how good Bale is as the character and to how great Christopher Nolan is as a director.

Robert Pattinson's The Batman is “like a Batman Kurt Cobain” | British GQ
Credit: Warner Bros

Robert Pattinson – The Batman

Robert Pattinson might be the most recent Batman on this list, but he’s also the best. Pattinson brings every good element that the previous Batmen on this list have had and makes it his own. He creates a Batman that doesn’t revel in his own darkness and edginess but instead looks to create hope for the citizens of Gotham City and be a beacon for those who need help.

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