Engineer Loses Dream Internship At NASA After Posting Tweet

An intern lost her dream role at NASA after posting on Twitter.

The person in question, known only as @NaomiH_official, tweeted: “EVERYONE SHUT THE F*CK UP. I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP”.

Naomi, who identifies as a furrie who’s also transexual, was tweeted back by Homer Hickam, an author, Vietnam veteran, and ex- NASA engineer who simply said: “Language”.

Credit: Twitter

Sadly, Naomi didn’t seem to do her research, as she replied: “Suck my dick and balls I’m working at NASA”.

Unfortunately, Hickam sits on the National Space Council which oversees NASA. Yikes.

Her internship offer was then revoked.

Other Twitter users claiming to be Naomi’s friends soon began flooding the site with messages of support.

One wrote: “If @HomerHickam was a professional & objected to the language he could have contacted them privately and asked them to tone it down instead of calling them out publicly.”

Another Twitter user added: “Old white men need to be banned online.”

A third added: “F*ck your self-centered abuse of power over a fucking intern of your employees’ employees

“If they were a straight white dude you would never have gone that route. F*** you.”

However, Hickam apparently had ‘nothing to do’ with her internship being taken away and it was actually all of her friends tweeting NASA following the incident.

He’s since continued his efforts to secure Naomi another work experience opportunity after speaking with her.