Enemy Front to Launch in Spring 2014

City Interactive’s Enemy Front has a new director and a new release window. The game was under the direction of Stuart Black before he left the developer in 2012. Now it is being headed by Far Cry 3 narrative designer and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine director Raphael van Lierop.

The game has been revamped as a non-linear combat sandbox. Players will go behind enemy lines to sabotage the Nazi war machine. It features close quarters combat, class-driven, cover-based enemy behavior, vehicular bosses, destructible environments and multiple mission types like sabotage, espionage, assassination and assault. IT will have “faithfully recreated theatres of conflict” including France, Norway Greece and Poland.

Enemy Front will release on the PlayStation 3 and other current generation consoles in Spring 2014.

(via Joystiq)