EA Progressing Towards a “customer first” Policy for Next-Gen Used Games

EA Labels President Frank Gibeau explains the interest of used game policies has “certainly been a topic of discussion this week”, through a call with an analyst during E3.

The company has been devising ways to make their customers more satisfied, ever since information released about plans for second hand markets through Microsoft and Sony during their press conferences.

As of now, they are developing a “gamer first” used-game policy for the next-gen titles to create a “very positive experience”

Gibeau explains that they will create “a very positive experience” if they maintain their connections with used games by having a “gamer first” and “customer first” approach about the company.

Microsoft‘s policy has kicked them off their pedestal, because they are allowing the publishers to choose whether or not to charge for pre-owned games on their Xbox One. Whereas Sony has earned praise by confirming that there will be no “restrictions” for used-disc based games on their next-gen PS4.

What do you think about EA’s bold new strategy?