EA Planning a Second Wave of “Original” IP for Next-Gen Consoles

EA plans to release “one to two” new IPs annually on next-generation consoles. But only after it has successfully transitioned its existing franchises to the PS4 and Xbox One. That’s what President of EA Labels Frank Gibeau says, however, upon follow up it really tells us nothing.

In an interview with CVG at Gamescom Gibeau said EA was planning to release the original properties as part of its ‘second wave’ of next-gen console releases. However, he name checked Mirror’s Edge 2, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition as some of the already announced new IPs.

He justifies this with Dragon Age 3 as a new IP by saying “But if you look at a game like Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s a sequel yeah, but we’re treating it as a new IP with a new approach. We’re reinventing it.”

Lesson learned, new IP does not mean the same thing to executives as it does to the rest of us.