E3 Leak: Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have A Fallout 4 Styled Reveal

This one is a bit shaky, but I’ll explain it the best I can. With E3 right around the corner, starting this Sunday, the 12th, a few trusted industry insiders have dropping leaks all over the place. For example, Bethesda may be releasing a Skyrim Remastered edition for next gen.

This leak however is centered around the highly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda. Shinobi602, who is a well known and very trusted insider, has recently made claims that Andromeda will be shown in a similar fashion to how we saw Fallout 4 at last years E3.

via EA

Bethesda went all out with it. They dedicated over 30 minutes of their showcase just to Fallout 4. It’s easily one of the most memorable reveals the gaming industry has ever seen, so the news that Andromeda could get the same love is huge for the millions of fans that love the series.


Basically, here’s Shinobi’s original statements regarding Andromeda at E3 2016, told during MrMattyPlays‘s podcast:

“I don’t want to jump back to Mass Effect [Andromeda], but actually concerning that, I was told by someone close to BioWare that after the N7 trailer, cause if you noticed Andromeda was first revealed in 2015 with that trailer and then in November they had that one minute long N7 teaser trailer with the ship and stuff.”

“After that I was told they’re going completely dark until E3 because I was literally told ‘we’re going to approach it Fallout 4-style.’ Literally. It’s smart too because you don’t want to keep stringing people along for years,”

via EA

Now, considering the fact that EA also has games like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and perhaps another Star Wars game to show off, it’s a bit surprising to hear that they’d dedicate about 30 minutes to Mass Effect. Sure, Mass Effect is going to be a focal point of the showcase, but a Fallout 4 style reveal doesn’t seem likely.

Unfortunately, Shinobi also feels this way, as he later corrected his original claims to something a bit more conservative. His new statement regarding the topic is as follows:

“You definitely won’t get that. In fact, “blowout” is much too strong a word I think. It’ll be real good stuff, but I think everyone should temper themselves and not expect a deep dive Fallout or even Horizon style.


I know that’s different than what I insinuated before but, well yea.”

via EA

It’s important to remember that Shinobi typically knows what he’s talking about, and maybe just got a little ahead of himself during his first comments. He’s confident there will be a decent amount of Andromeda shown at E3, but we shouldn’t expect EA to go the Fallout 4 route.