Dying Light Preview

Zombie games continue to be a popular genre for the game industry to create games from and Techland is no stranger to the hordes of brain eating beasts. With games such as the Dead Island series under their name, Techland are changing the formula by adding free running into the mix.

At the moment little is known about the story but what we do know is you play as someone who is already infected. Enemies include zombies that become incredibly fast and strong once the moon has risen and then you have the selfish humans, who work for a PMC private military company who only want money.

When Dying Light was first revealed nearly everyone thought is this just another dead island game? However there is one way to distinguish this from Dead Island.

Free Running. Free running is an incredibly big part of dying light, it’s what sets Dying Light apart from other zombie games. Throughout the game you will create hundreds of weird and wonderful weapons from fire swords to the cliche nailed bat. However since E3 comparisons between Dead Island and Dying light have ceased. Dying light is set to change the zombie apocalypse genre and will hopefully please everyone.

This time around Techland have got information from extensive sources and vastly improved their AI, pushing them to evolve into relentless flesh eating monsters. Techland have payed attention to the gaming community and molded the game around their hopes. Unfortunately Techland have  not taken anything from one of the most popular post pandemic games, this is very noticible as it just plays and looks like a linear zombie game. However just because of the fact new mechanics such as free running have been implemented into the game every one wants to try it, and I don’t blame them.

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