Dragon Quest X Producer Wants PS4 Port

Will the PlayStation 4 receive a port of Dragon Quest X? If it’s up to producer Yosuke Saito it certainly will be making its way onto Sony’s latest console.

Gematsu has reported that during Dragon Quest X TV Niconico broadcast, a fan sent in a question to find out if Dragon Quest X will eventually get ported over onto the PlayStation 4. Producer Yosuke Saito admitted interest in bringing the game over but there has been no confirmation if the game will actually receive the port or not.

Dragon Quest X is currently only available within Japan for the Wii,  Wii U, PC and 3DS. Though Dragon Quest has been a known series for making its way to western markets, it will be interesting not only to see if the PlayStation 4 will eventually have a version of the game but if the MMO will also hit other markets besides Japan.