We Don’t Need To Release A Battlefield Game Every Year – EA

Looks like Electronic Arts won’t be sticking to their yearly releases for Battlefield video games. During an investor meeting, the announcement that Battlefield will be slowing during in terms of development will result in changing up their once stated yearly release cycle.

Electronic Arts VP Patrick Soderlund held an investor meeting where he stated that the Battlefield franchise won’t be released every year. Instead, the development teams will be working on bringing out a quality video game and if that means not releasing a Battlefield title each year than so be it.

For Battlefield, I think it’s important to put out the right product at the right time. Does that mean we have to ship a Battlefield game every year? In some years that may be the case, in some years it may not. We don’t need to have a Battlefield game every year. In this case, we chose quality first, and I think ultimately that’s where we’re going to be successful.

We’re curious, do you feel like EA is making the right move? Battlefield Hardline is the next Battlefield installment but that has been delayed where the game won’t be releasing until early next year. When the game does release, gamers can pick up the title on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.