Disney And Marvel Reportedly Discussing Keeping James Gunn For Guardians 3

Disney’s been causing some controversy for close to a month now after making the decision to remove director James Gunn from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie. 

A few less-than-savoury tweets Gunn made a few years ago caused Disney a lot of upset, and the Mickey Mouse giant decided to remove Gunn from the next Guardians project. 

The decision was met with uproar from Marvel and Guardians fans,  not to mention the movie’s cast and a whole host of Hollywood bigwigs who stepped up to support Gunn in what’s become a debate around the right to free speech. 

Rumours are now spreading that Gunn’s apparently dismissal hasn’t yet been finalised, with several anonymous sources now saying that Marvel are in talks with Disney to get him back into the director’s chair. 

Deadline has published an exclusive report on the situation, where it says:  “Nobody is talking about it, but sources said that back channel conversations are taking place between Marvel Studios and Disney. 

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“Sources said the Marvel contingent is trying to persuade Disney to explore a compromise that might bring Gunn back into the fold for Guardians 3, something that clearly would be best for the franchise.  


“There is no clash or strong arming here. I’m told it’s a discussion that comes in the wake of the whole cast declaring their loyalty to Gunn, whose abrupt exit has put a thriving film franchise in a rocky place. One would have to label this 11th hour approach to be a long shot, but the community is talking about it.” 

You can read the full report from Deadline right here. 

What do you think about this information? Could Gunn really be making a return to the Guardians franchise, or do you think he’d maybe even decline the opportunity? 

We guess only time will tell!