DICE’s Lies And Battlefield 3 1.04 Update Crashes The PS3


Players are running into numerous problems with the game, including multiple system crashes which require a hard reset of the PS3. There are some great new features to the game after installing the update and being able to quit a game now is one. Since this new patch, the PS3 units are crashing over and over again. Most of the crashes occur when re-downloading Back to Karkand for the second time, on DICE’s request.

Strange things are going on in the server filter with only Gulf of Oman visible and no other Back to Karkand maps available. Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, and Sharqi seem to have disappeared. It appears that DICE has lied about making the patch available in all regions on March 27. The update still is not available in Asia (I am not sure they would want it with all of these issues going on), which means users have to play on other region servers. Daniel Matros, the Community Manager, has no clue on what is going on either. Japan’s update will not happen until April 4, 2012.

Comment down below, and tell us if you have had the same issues too. Also tell us if you still like DICE and if you think they need to get their act together ASAP.