DICE Held Back Mirror’s Edge Reboot Not EA

Many fans have been eagerly waiting for a follow up for 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, but it has taken a long time for us to hear anything about it. DICE executive producer Patrick Bach says it was because DICE felt there never had a strong enough pitch to bring to EA.

In an interview with VideoGamer.com, Bach says DICE didn’t pitch the rebbot until they were happy with it. They wanted to get it right and they were their hardest critics in developing the new Mirror’s Edge game.

Regarding EA and it’s treatment of IPs like Mirror’s Edge, Bach said, “…in general, EA is very positive about us, like [asking us], ‘What do you want?’, instead of someone telling you, ‘Build this, do that’.”

Mirror’s Edge is slated for PS4 and other next-gen consoles, “when it’s ready.”