Details/images of Square Enix’s Luminous Engine and Agni’s Philosophy

Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto has release more details and more images about their next gen engine.
Goal of the project was to offer realtime visuals that normally would be shown prerendered
– Hashimoto was producer and director
– He directed the content, tech, and handled management and quality checks
– Iwata was the lead artist
– Iwata designed Agni
– World view, setting, and framework were made during discussions with himself, Nozue, and Hashimoto
– Iwata worked on the pipeline used by artists to convert the Visual Works pre-rendered CG movie data into data for the real time clip
– Nozue was in charge of script writing, art direction, event/stage direction
– Nozue also directed the pre-rendered CG that was the base for the real time demo video
– Agni’s Philosophy realtime demo uses almost all of the same content data from the pre-rendered footage made by Visual Works
– Demo runs on a high spec PC with 64 bit Windows 7
– PC was created from standard off-the-shelf parts purchased from a PC shop
– Maker/specific specs are unknown
– PC is at the same level of specification as the ones used by other devs when showing tech demos
– 1920×1080 full HD resolution for the demo
– Framerate varies between 30 and 60, FP16 (16 bit floating point) format for HDR rendering
– Single frame as between 5 and 10 million polygons, including unseen polygons used in post shadow generation and post processing
– Scenes of Agni and the old man show the “eyeball shader”
– Visual Works CG uses raytracing for eyeball rendering
– Raytracing would be difficult in realtime at present, so they fake it with this shader
– Yebis logo shown in the credits is a post effect middleware from Silicon Studio

Down below you have more screenshots with more details about the graphics. Check them out below