Destiny 2 clan beats Raid in record time even the developers thought wasn’t possible

Leviathan, Destiny 2’s first raid was beaten incredibly faster than the one in the first game.

The Legend himself was the initial clan to claim the defeat of the first raid.

It took them five and a half hours to defeat the raid which went live at 10 am Pacific time.

For those who don’t know, Raids are set in unknown locations in the game and contain challenging puzzles, and chambers. Even if you dare to access the raid, you will still need to have high enough power in order to take the challenge.

If you can recall, The Legend Himself made a name for themselves back in the first game as well. ScaRdrow, a member of their clan, managed to kill the final boss in Wrath of the Machine all by himself.

This time it was a cooperation between 6 players to achieve such victory. Below you can see the whole boss fight that took place:

YouTube video

People over at the Bungie’s headquarters in Seatle witnessed the whole boss fight and cheered as the Legend Himself took it down.

Because of this victory, Bungie released a new Crucible map set on the Leviathan which will contain a player-versus-player mode.

Compared to the previous first raid in Destiny 1, The Legend himself was able to take the boss down much faster. In the first set, it took Primeguard and its 6 members 10 hours to beat the first raid.

Destiny 2 released on September 6, 2017, for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.  Activision is planning to release the game for PC in the upcoming month on October 24. Like the original game, it features PvE and PvP modes. Despite that, the sequel now contains new activities mostly for exploring new planets.