Dead Space Isn’t Dead Says Visceral Games VP

Dead Space has been missing for awhile now but it’s certainly not dead, at least not in the eyes of Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager of Visceral Games.

Kotaku interviewed Steve Papoutsis mainly on their latest work in Battlefield Hardline but managed to slip a last minute question about the Dead Space franchise. Looking to get a straight answer about a possible Dead Space 4, we’re still unsure what the future holds for the franchise.

Is Dead Space dead? Not for me it’s not. I love it, the team at Visceral loves it. Having worked on it for seven years, this was a good break for us to try something different.

But there’s a lot of passion about that franchise, not just from me but from others in the company, so I think it’s an IP that’s important for the company. You never know where it’s going to go… I’d definitely be excited about what it would be like on this gen.

We will keep with updated with the very latest on the Dead Space series right here on PlayStation Gang.