CSGO Source 2 Engine Could be Confirmed

Eagle-eyed fans poured through leaks within the community and discovered information that points to Counter Strike: Global Offensive being ported to the Source 2 Engine.

About Source 2 being released in CS:GO in 2 months: it seems trustworthy because I heard from reliable sources,” he said, “but with Valve you can never be 100% confident with unofficial dates.”

As the Tweet referring to the leak says, this is speculative information so may not be 100% authentic CSGO news, but we could be getting a port of Counter Strike: Global Offensive onto the Source 2 Engine in as little as two months time.

What Does This Mean For CS:GO Fans?

Fans have pestered Valve for years to have a Source 2 integration of the popular first person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This leak means that fans’ requests may finally be getting answered!


ESL’s One Rio CS:GO major has been postponed until November 2020. The Source 2 port of CS:GO was rumoured to originally be taking place after the initial ESL Rio scheduled event. Does this mean we will still get our port? Who knows at this stage…

What is the Source 2 Game Engine?

Before Valve handled the development of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Source was the successor on the scene. The Source 2 game engine is a 3D engine that’s used in the development of many popular video games, like: Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx and Artifact.

Valve released Source 2 to the public for free after it was implemented into Dota 2 on June 17 2015. The engine would remain free to use so long as it was for the creative projects of fans and gamers, so not for commercial use or development.


If you’re familiar with CS:GO, you’ll have heard of Panorama UI. This aspect of CS:GO, along with other elements, are already indications that Source 2 is in use.

Featured image credit: Valve