Crytek Sells Off Homefront To Deep Silver

Trouble in Crytek leads to several employees leaving and the result of selling off Homefront to Deep Silver. What does this mean for the future of Crytek?

Crytek has been in development of Homefront: The Revolution though with recent financial troubles, it seems that several employees have left the company due to the lack of not being paid. This is of course a bit shady at the moment so it’s uncertain how true these statements are but Crytek did mention that they are working on bringing new capital to secure the studio.

Now that Crytek has sold the rights to Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver, it could have confirmed the finical issues previously rumored. Right now, there is no news as to what’s next with Crytek but in the past there has been indication that the studio would like to start developing TimeSplitters a video game series that has been very popular from the studio.